Participating Status

The Intl. WeLoveU Foundation carries out blood drives with the heart of a mother who gives birth to children and raises them with love. The members of the Intl. WeLoveU Foundation have been continuously participating in blood drives since 2004, when the Foundation held its first blood drive at the Seoul Plaza, being attended by over 10,000 people including its members and citizens.

The Foundation has been contributing to helping ease blood shortage by letting people know the importance and need to donate blood through blood drives organized by its branches worldwide. Until now, 151 blood drives have been held throughout the world; 35,231 volunteers including the members of the Intl. WeLoveU Foundation have participated in the blood drives and 13,191 people have donated their precious blood to save the lives of many people who are dying due to lack of blood for transfusion.

The Intl. WeLoveU Foundation has been delivering blood donor cards from its members and volunteers to relevant organizations or hospitals for patients with cancer and other diseases, who need blood transfusions, including children with heart disease, rare and intractable diseases or leukemia.

A total of 151 blood drives were held from 2004 to 2016;
35,231 people participated in the blood drives and 13,191 people successfully donated blood.


Total No. of Volunteers

Total No. of Donors

Time No. of Participants Donors Date
1st 1000 655 Nov 21, 2004
2nd 333 127 Feb 18, 2009
3rd 500 198 Jun 4, 2009
4th 565 246 Aug 19, 2009
5th 750 186 Feb 5, 2010
6th 600 274 Feb 8, 2010
7th 564 263 Aug 19, 2010
8th 880 440 Aug 30, 2010
9th 740 270 Sep 8, 2010
10th 710 231 Sep 10, 2010
11th 450 167 Sep 29, 2010
12th 230 70 Dec 17, 2010
13th 542 255 Feb 10, 2011
14th 240 140 Jul 1, 2011
15th 550 243 Jul 21, 2011
16th ~ 132nd 23,266 8,648 Jul 2, 2012 ~ Sep 4, 2012
133rd 103 63 Apr 9, 2014
134th ~ 143nd 541 224 Apr, 2014 ~ May, 2015
144th ~ 146th 631 258 Apr, 2015 ~ Dec, 2015
147th ~ 151st 2,036 233 Apr, 2016 ~ Jul, 2016
Total 151 Times Total 35,231 Total 13,191

Activity News

The 16th-132nd Worldwide Blood Drive

A Heat Wave from the “Festival to Share Life” Swept over the Global Village

The 13th Blood Drive in Gwangju

Love is not a noun but a “verb”

The 12th Blood Drive in Daejeon

230 members from the Daejeon branch participated in the blood donation program hosted by KBS

The 11th Blood Drive in Bucheon, Korea

450 members, living in Incheon and Bucheon, shared life with a beautiful heart

Blood Drive in Daejeon for the Second Half Year of 2010

Blood drive in Daejeon for the third time—now it takes root as a festival to share life

Blood Drive in Daegu 2010

Happy sharing through “1 Second’s Frown”

Blood Drive in Seoul Area

Line of sharing life, proceeded with the mind of a mother, gives new hope to patients

The 2nd Blood Drive in Gwangju 2010

Through the “Love Sharing Event” that cooled down the heat of the summer,

Blood Drive by Gwangju Branch

Joy of Love and Joy of Life Through Blood Donation

Blood Drive for Cancer Patients by Daejeon Branch

Over 700 WeLoveU members participated in the blood drive held at the Chungnam University Hospital, and citizens, hospital staff and visitors also joined.

Blood Drive by Daegu Branch

565 IWF members participated in the event and donated 240 sheets of blood donors’ official registration card to the Kyungpook National University Hospital.

“Blood Drive for Cancer Patients”

Over 500 IWF members in Daejeon branch participated in the blood drive at the Chungnam University Hospital, and the Hospital staff and visitors also joined.

“Blood Drive” to Share Life

333 IWF members donated blood at the Sejong University Hospital

Blood drive to save a life

“Practicing Love Through Blood Donation”

Worldwide Activities

The blood drive which is being carried out all around the world kindles the flames of life
for the people in need of blood.