Order of Merit from the Korean Government

On Aug. 25, 2004, Zahng Gil-jah, Chairwoman of the Intl. WeLoveU Foundation, received the Maengho Medal, the Order of Sport Merit, in recognition of her outstanding contribution to enhancing the national prestige of Korea through people-to people diplomacy, including devotional volunteer services at the 2003 Daegu Summer Universiade where around 6,000 young people gathered from 174 countries.

・ No. :448
・ Date :2004-08-25
・ Korean Government

U.S. President’s Call to Service Award

The U.S. Presiden’s Volunteer Service Award is given to individuals or groups who actively participate in volunteer service.

Depending on time of service, they are classified into bronze, silver or gold level. Especially in case that they devotedly participate in volunteer service for over 4,000 hours in their lifetime, they are awarded The President’s Call to Service Award.


Congratulations on receiving the President’s Volunteer Service Award, and thank you for helping to address the most pressing needs in your community and our country.

In my Inaugural Address, I stated that we need a new era of responsibility—a recognition on the part of every American that we have duties to ourselves, our Nation, and the world. These are duties that we do not grudgingly accept, but rather seize gladly, firm in the knowledge that there is nothing so satisfying to the spirit than giving our all to a difficult task. Your volunteer service demonstrates the kind of commitment to your community that moves America a step closer to its great promise…

While government can open more opportunities for us to serve our communities, it is up to each of us to seize those opportunities. Thank you for your devotion to service and for doing all you can to shape a better tomorrow for our great Nation.

Barack Obama 

Presented by the President’s Council on Service and Civic Participation to

Zahng Gil-jah

In recognition and appreciation of your commitment to strengthening our Nation and for making a difference through volunteer service.


An initiative of the President’s Council on Service and Civic Participation in conjunction with


U.S. President’s Volunteer Service Award

Intl. WeLoveU Foundation in Denver received the U.S. President’s Volunteer Service Award in recognition of its volunteer service for more than 1,000 hours.

Royal Order of Monisaraphon from Cambodia

Chairwoman Zahng Giljah received the royal order from the Cambodian Government on July 18, 2011, in recognition of her heartfelt volunteer services for Cambodian citizens—installing water pumps for people suffering from water shortage, donating school supplies, and repairing old houses.

Intl. WeLoveU Foundation Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah contributed to the installment of water pumps at Kandoeng, Baty, Takeo and donation of school supplies and repairmen of the citizens’ houses, so we express our gratitude by awarding this Royal Order of Monisaraphon.

– Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen –

・ No. : 848
・ Date : 2011-07-18
・ List No : 372

Great Woman Award from the Minister of Women & Social Development of Peru

On Mar. 26, 2013, the Peruvian government awarded Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah, praising her outstanding volunteer services to improve its citizens’ quality of life.

U.S. Atlanta City Council Proclamation

Atlanta City Council issued a proclamation singed by the President of Atlanta City Council and 15 council members in recognition of Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah’s outstanding contribution to their community through wide-ranging and devotional volunteer services.


In Honor of Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah
The International WeLoveU Foundation

Whereas, Zahng Gil-jah is the Chairwoman of the International WeLoveU Foundation. The Foundation is making every effort for the reconciliation and kindness of the world and pursues the mindset of sharing a Mother’s Love by delivering hope and happiness to people under the slogan, “Mother’s Love to the Whole World”; and…

Now, Therefore, We, the members of Atlanta City Council, and on behalf of the citizens of Atlanta, hereby recognize Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah on this 4th day of June 2012.

Certificate of Honor, Mongolia

In Mongolia, an appreciation plaque of honor is a higher level award than a plaque of appreciation or a certificate of commendation. This award is presented to express deep appreciation and praise to an individual or organization.

The Ministry of Environment and Green Development of Mongolia presents this Appreciation Plaque of Honor to the Intl. WeLoveU Foundation in recognition of your valuable contributions to helping youth and citizens of Mongolia be aware of environmental issues and carrying out cleanups to create a pleasant environment and to improve health and safety of citizens.

December 27, 2012
S. Oyun
Minister of Environment and Green Development of Mongolia