Thank you letters

Letters of thanks from those who received precious gifts.

Many people sent letters of thanks without forgetting the love they received from Intl. WeLoveU
Foundation, which stretches out a helping hand of a mother to people in difficulties.

I give thanks to the Chairwoman and the members of the Foundation.

You give light to this heartless world. I hope that you will be the light of our unprivileged neighbors with your constant love.

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I could feel the love of a mother

I will never forget the kindness you showed me today. I will try to practice a mother’s love so that people can know what the love is.

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Evangeline a Beneficiary at the 11th New Life Concert

I’m very lucky to receive your blessing. Thank you.

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Letter from Davgadorjiin’s Family a Beneficiary at the 11th New Life Concert

My family in Mongolia are very thankful for your great help with consolation and medical expenses. We wish you, who do this good volunteer service, to succeed in all your work and to go well in everything.

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Eun-chae Shin, one of beneficiaries at the 10th New Life Concert

I’m happy to tears at the mere sight of her sleeping. I hope your children will be healthy, too. Do not lose your hope!

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Wang Lie the Beneficiary in the 10th New Life Concert

When you(Chairwoman) hugged me, I felt like you were my mother in China. Thank you so much.

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