Activity News

Water Pump Installation at Dodji-Sehe Middle School in Allada, Benin

A precious gift that quenches long-standing thirst

Installation of Sanitary Facilities and Water Pumps for Five Primary Schools in Cambodia

Better educational environments and better future to children

Rainbow of Hope over Tuvalu

Water tanks of 200,000ℓ(1,259bbl) were donated to Funafuti, and environmental awareness was raised through the Clean WORLD Movement.

The 15th New Life Family Walkathon

“Spread the Rainbow of Hope from Bengal to the Himalayas!”

The 13th New Life Concert

The love of 36.5℃ delivered to the children who are suffering from disease, poverty and water shortage

The 14th New Life Family Walkathon

12,000 People Floated a Rainbow of Hope for Tuvalu in Crisis of Being Submerged

The 13th New Life Family Walkathon

The flower of hope is in bloom in the hearts of our neighbors in Asia and Africa.

The 12th New Life Family Walkathon

"Spring Water, Flow Out! Hope,Flow out!"

The 11th New Life Family Walkathon

12,000 participants formed a wave of life, towards the world

Installation and Donation of Water Pumps for Breman Kokoso, Ghana

Water of life welling up in Africa

The 10th New Life Family Walkathon

Joy flowing out of the water pumps to the whole world

History of Installation of Water Pumps and Tanks