Annual Events
New Life Concert

The New Life Concert is an event hosted by the Intl. WeLoveU Foundation to help children with heart disease or rare and intractable diseases. It was first held in Seoul, 2000. The Intl. WeLoveU Foundation is extending help to teen heads of households, children from lowincome families, senior citizens living alone, injured migrant workers, multi-cultural families, and neighbors in the global village who are suffering from various disasters, etc.


Change the World with 36.5℃ Love

The New Life Concert History

No. of Participants 18 Times 150,000 Persons

Activity News

The 17th New Life Concert

Let’s Share Happiness Through Mother’s Love

The 16th New Life Concert

One mind to support the neighbors! Songs of hope!

The 15th New Life Concert

No more tears! Toward tomorrow full of smiles!

The 14th New Life Concert

Give hope with songs of love to those in despair

The 13th New Life Concert

The love of 36.5℃ delivered to the children who are suffering from disease, poverty and water shortage

The 12th New Life Concert

Singing the song of love with heart

The 11th New Life Concert

Never-ending songs of love and hope of the Intl. WeLoveU Foundation

The 10th New Life Concert

The tenth love concert for neighbors was held at the Incheon Samsan World Gymnasium, and 8,000 participants sang together

The 9th New Life Concert

“Angels’ singing” in deep autumn

The 8th New Life Concert

The future of Peru starts again from school

The 7th New Life Concert

Donations to 38 Parentless Households and Children With Heart Disease

The 6th New Life Concert

A Concert Full of Love and Hope

The 5th New Life Concert

Change the World With 36.5℃ Love

The 4th New Life Concert

About 33,000 USD Donations to 17 Children Suffering From Heart Disease and Poverty

The 3rd New Life Concert

Providing Medical Expenses and Living Expenses for Children

The 2nd New Life Concert

Warmhearted Donations to Neighbors in Need

The 1st New Life Concert

Help to Children With Congenital Heart Disease