Focus Areas

The Light of Hope Shining throughout the Global Village

Having such love of a mother, WeLoveU Foundation is dedicated to helping our global neighbors
until the whole world smiles


The 15th Kimchi-Making Festival To Share Mother’s Love

Kimchi, a dish for people around the world, delivering mothers’ love

Audiovisual Education Facilities Were Donated to Bagong Silangan Elementry School in the Philippines

Now the class is fun, and dreams and hopes are growing within

2017 Worldwide Clean WORLD Movement for Climate Change

13,000 people participate in 152 regions around the world

The 18th New Life Family Walkathon

Helping climate refugees and underprivileged families worldwide - Global family becomes one through Mother’s love

Donation of Funds for Syrian Refugees

Intl. WeLoveU Foundation Donates USD 20,000 to Embassy of Jordan in Korea

The 17th New Life Concert

Let’s Share Happiness Through Mother’s Love

Installation Of Sanitary Facilities And Water Pumps For Five Primary Schools In Cambodia

Better educational environments and better future to children

The 14th Kimchi-Making Festival to Share Mother’s Love

Love of sharing! Korean culture of making kimchi draws the world’s attention